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I Help Unlock Organizational Cultures Through Immersive & Equitable Experience Design...



Profile image of Nick Boyd, MBA

Nick is a bold and visionary corporate HR executive with a proven track record of success who is eager to help organizations unlock the future of work, the worker and workplace.

After consulting with like-minded executives in the industry, Nick quickly identified that the future of organizational cultures will be powered by immersive talent experiences. He received his certification in virtual and augmented reality by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and then Business Economics in the Metaverse from Wharton — the first-ever ivy league offering of its kind. He is a rising thought-leader in the space of immersive technologies and their application to talent experiences. Most recently Nick delivered a key note speech at LinkedIn’s 2022 Talent Connect conference about why the metaverse matters to talent leaders!

Nick is available for external speaking engagements, editorial contributions, special projects and select consulting gigs.


“For someone who’s not super understanding of the Metaverse, I walked away with ideas to share with my leaders on how we can join the space”

- 2022 LinkedIn Talent Connect Session Attendee



Recent Speaking Engagements & Media 


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